September 24

Week 10 News

Hello Everyone.

What a great week we had last week!

The Student Led Conferences were very well attended and it was delightful to see the students taking such pride in the work they were able to share and to be so accountable and articulate in their reflections. We are very proud of their efforts.

Sports Day was another successful day which was enjoyed by the students and many of the parents who were able to spare some time to support the day. Well done to everyone for their enthusiastic participation and cooperative sportsmanship. Congratulations Jackson for ‘winning’ the day!

This week students will be participating in Japan Day on Wednesday. A variety of fun and interesting activities are planned for the day.

Also on Wednesday students will need to remember their Information Reports for Kiera as it is her final day for the term and she will need to collect all work from the class on that day.

As we enter the final week of term, I need to remind families that school finishes on Friday at 2:10pm. If you are planning to leave for your holidays earlier than that please inform me in writing (a diary note or email is excellent) so I can enter it into the role book for legal accountability. I understand that a few might be heading east for the AFL Grand Final. I feel compelled to support the Adelaide team this year, being swept up in the jubilation after this weekend’s game!

As a staff we are looking to plan our 2018 class structure and we need an indication from every student as to their intentions for next year. Please return the pink form, given out last week, to me ASAP!

Friday is a ‘free’ casual day for the students. Please remember that casual clothes still need to comply with our sun–safe policy and hats are still required.

It’s been a busy term with lots of events, assignments and due dates! The students deserve a break and a restful holiday, as do the teachers, because everyone has worked really hard this term. Have a safe and happy holiday, whatever you decide to do. Have fun.

Thanks for your support this term.

Kate and Kiera

September 13

Geography and English Assignment

We have officially begun our combined Geography (HASS) and English assignment. Students this morning were provided with their assessment rubric, which you can find attached below for your own viewing.

HASS and English Summative Assessment-21yqevm

All term students have been working towards and preparing for this final assignment, we have been doing lots of scaffolding in class on both information reports (our English focus) and bush fires and floods (our HASS/Geography focus).

Students will have Wednesdays weeks 8, 9 and 10 to work on this task. Today we are focusing on gathering information, week 9 will focus on drafting our collected information and week 10 students will write their polished copies.

As homework students will also be offered the opportunity to conduct any research at home should they wish to,  over the next two weeks.


Kind Regards,

Kiera Mitchell

September 9

Week 8 News

As we are preparing for Student Led Learning Conferences this week I have not set a talk time topic for this fortnight. Bookings for conference times are now open. Please follow the directions given you in the note that went home with your youngest child last week. Each 30 minute session allows for 4 bookings for students to individually share their learning with their family. I will be in the room to support your child or answer any questions if necessary.

All students will be reflecting on their learning and preparing their work to share with you. Please make a booking to attend with your child so they can share their learning and classroom experiences with you.

Thank you and kind regards,

Kate McSkimming

September 4

Week 7 News

Hello Everyone.

The term is flying by and we are immersed in lots of fun learning in the classroom.

Book Week was a huge success and many of our classmates dressed up for the parade on Friday.

Dr Katia has been visiting to teach us about the various systems in the human body and we will be looking into the relationship between diet and physical activity in the coming weeks.

Students in room 20 are working in pairs to investigate Australian history about the Gold Rush and the Eureka Stockade. The task is divided into 2 parts. Last week we collected information about the gold rush and this week we are looking into Peter Lalor and the Eureka Stockade. In week 8 we will write our notes into a report/ presentation, which will be shared with the class in week 9 or early week 10.

I have had a couple of questions about homework recently. I would like to remind you that students in year 4 and 5 are expected to complete 20 to 30 minutes of homework, 4 nights a week. If homework is set by the teacher, students are expected to write that homework task into their diary and complete it at home. If homework is not set, then students can choose their own task to complete. Reading, Home Badge Challenge, Study Ladder or research work are all reasonable activities. The student is asked to write the task into their diary as a record. Parents are asked to sign the diary each weekend. Time is given in class to write set homework into the diary and reminders are given to ensure students know what to do for homework and what resources they need with them. Please encourage your child to take ownership of their learning and choose homework tasks that are useful to them.

Thank you to all parents who are telling me of reasons for absences or late arrivals. I can then transfer this information to my electronic roll book when I have it ‘open’. Recording such information is tedious but a legal requirement and I appreciate not having to follow up absences at a later date.

Don’t forget that this coming Friday is a School Closure Day (‘No Show Day’ – haha) to enable families to go to the Royal Show if they wish. Enjoy your long weekend.

Student led learning conversations and Sports Day are in week 9. More information about these events soon.

Kind regards,

Kate McSkimming



August 20

Thank You

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a big thank you, I am now going into my fifth week of being in Room 20 and I am absolutely loving it. Both students and parents have been very positive and welcoming towards me, which has made the transition very pleasant. Over the past five weeks I have got to know the students of Room 20 very well and I believe that we have had a great start to the term.

So far… we have covered our full unit on 3D shapes, we are now moving into transformation and rotational mathematics. In English we have been scaffolding our learning around information reports, students are currently in the process of creating their own based on their selected animal/insect. In Geography we have been learning lots about natural disasters, more specifically bush fires and floods, this week we will begin making safety posters in groups.

As I am sure many of you now know I have been using the points based app ‘Class Dojo’, this past Wednesday the 16th we finally hit our class goal of 750 points, so I will be bringing in a sweet treat for the students this Week (Week 5). Our next goal to hit is 800. The points are also used to award one student each Wednesday the right to choose our fitness game for the afternoon.

That is all from me, should you have any questions or comments for me please feel free to contact me via email – (Kate is in the process of trying to add me to the class email list)

Thank you,

Kiera Mitchell

August 13

Week 3 News

Hello Everyone.

I have returned to class refreshed after a great holiday to Sri Lanka which was lovely and warm. We visited many amazing places, ate local food and spent some time on beautiful beaches and in the cooler mountain regions.

In my absence there have been many changes but the class has been well looked after. Kiera Mitchell has been with the class for 5 days settling into her role as class teacher in Room 20 on Wednesdays for the rest of the semester. Ann Doughty was teaching on Thursday and Friday of the first 2 weeks. Both teachers reported that the class was settled and very cooperative and able to flow with the changes without trouble or anxiety. I am confident that the class will benefit from the new teaching arrangements as Kiera and I have met at length to ensure continuity of curriculum and established effective communication methods. I intend to share my group email list for 2017 parents with Kiera so she also has your email if you are part of that list. Please let me know if you have any concerns about the new arrangements for room 20.

Another change is that room 21 has a new teacher for this term. Mr Dylan McCrossin will be teaching next door and will continue to collaborate with both Kiera and me in many teaching areas. The first major collaboration will be our joint excursion on Thursday.

On Thursday we will be heading to Urrbrae Wetlands for a farm tour of Urrbrae Agricultural High School lead by Urrbrae students. In the second session our class will be engaged in Science workshops (being Science Week) and room 21 students will be involved in workshops about the wetlands themselves. Many parents have volunteered to support us on this excursion. I will send you an email on Monday if you have indicated your intention to support us, giving final details for the day. Important information for your child is:

  • Lunch and recess to be brought in a reusable container……We aim for “Nude Food” meaning NO wrappings or unnecessary packaging that is thrown away.
  • Drink bottle…..water is available on site.
  • Covered footwear….no open toes please!
  • Wet weather gear…..rain is forecast for Thursday.

On Friday we will be starting a new program with Katia Ferrar, a health scientist who will be visiting our class (and room 21) to engage with us in a program about the relationship between diet and physical activity. Katia is a trained physiotherapist and a lecturer in the Health Science Department at Uni SA. The CSIRO are responsible for connecting willing scientists with teachers to develop teaching and learning programs, in the area of science in primary schools. I’m very much looking forward to an ongoing relationship with Katia and witnessing the scientific discoveries your child might make!

Talk-time this fortnight about books as we head into Book Week next week. Your child has been asked to talk about a favourite book, series or author and it may be current, or something from their early childhood memories.

The term is looking very busy, as usual. Please make sure all notes for excursions, incursions, lateness or absences are returned promptly to eliminate double handling or time consuming reminders.

Thanks and kind regards.

Kate McSkimming

June 27

Week 9 News

Hello Everyone.

It was a pleasure to take your child on camp. The group as a whole were well mannered and well behaved and a credit to our school and to their families. Nearly all feedback has been positive and it seems that our efforts have been appreciated by many of you. I do enjoy camps but they are a lot of extra work to get organised. Thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement.

I would usually share camp photos with you but as our classes are responsible for sharing in the next school newsletter I will share photos there instead. Make sure you look out for this week’s newsletter! Students are also in the process of posting their reflections of camp with photos attached. I won’t steal their thunder!

On Thursday 29th the school disco will be held in Langley Hall. Students in year 4 have their disco at 5:00pm until 6:15pm and the year 5 students can choose either 6:30pm to 8:00pm with the year 5 – 7 students, or attend the earlier one with their year 4 classmates. Tickets ($3.00) are on sale at lunch until Wednesday. Drinks ($2.00), chips ($1.00) and glowsticks (50c) will be for sale at the disco.

Please check your child’s hair regularly as a case of headlice has been discovered since camp.We all need to be vigilant to combat this irritating problem.

Reports will be sent home on Friday. Please make an appointment to see me if you would like any further explanation of your child’s progress. 

Kind regards,

Kate McS







June 15


Good morning parents!

First day and night at camp have been amazing! Everyone is having a great time….including the teachers, which is a bonus!

Beautiful sunset last night over the Murray!

All slept well after a day full of activity! I’ll let the kids share their highlights but suffice to say, we are being kept very busy!

All are well. We should be back tomorrow by 3pm for pick up!

Kate McS

May 26

Assembly News

Today our class was responsible for hosting the Year 3 to 7 assembly. The expert learner quality of being a risk-taker was the focus of the assembly, which we were able to link with our recent study of colonial life in Australia. The students designed short, scripted plays to share their learning at assembly. It was great to see so many supportive family members in the audience today. I hope you enjoyed our assembly presentation. I was very proud of my class and the hard work and cooperation that they have shown as we prepared and presented our learning. Great job Room 20!

Our next ‘talk-time topic’ is ‘When I Grow Up!

Here are a few photos of from our assembly today.

Risk Taker Mouse

English Gentleman

Soldiers on the Ships



Housemaids at work!



Daniel’s Letter Home

May 25

Assembly this Friday

Hi Everyone.

Just a quick reminder that our class is hosting assembly at 12;10 on Friday. You are most welcome to attend as every child has at least one roll to play in our presentation.

The kids have been asked to wear something to represent their character in the assembly. I have asked them to keep it VERY simple. Convicts can wear an old t-shirt with maybe a slash or dirty marks etc. Rolled up pants with a piece of rope as a belt. House maids….just an apron or something similar…..a jacket for a gentleman….that sort of thing! Nothing elaborate is expected or needed at such short notice.

We’ve only had a few days to put the assembly together but I’m really happy with what we’ve come up with, using our recent learning in history to highlight the expert learner quality of being a risk-taker!. I hope you can make it on Friday.

Also a reminder that camp payments need to be finalised by 9th June.

Kind regards

Kate McS