September 18


Congratulations 2018 student!

Today we have broken the previous shoelace skipping record by an amazing 51 jumps!

As a class we have shown team work, resilience, risk taking and organisation to reach an incredible total of 276 jumps, beating the previous high score of 225 set by room 20 students in 2015!

You may have heard our cheer as we reached a new class record. We will celebrate this high score but still continue to try to beat our own record by the end of the year! We are proud of our achievement today.

On another note, I’d like to remind you that Thursday is the final day Ms Bigolin will be with us. She has one more week at UniSA before she graduates as a fully qualified teacher. I’m sure you join me in wishing Alice a happy and restful break before she begins her career in education. We have loved having Alice Bigolin as part of our class, especially this term when she has been responsible for the bulk of the lessons and was able to help out with student led conversations and sports day. Good luck and best wishes for your future as a great teacher Ms. Bigolin.

August 31

Week 7 News

Hello Everyone.

Next fortnights talk-time topic is ‘SPORTS’ in the lead up to sports day on Friday of week 8. We have begun meeting in our sports house teams to rehearse chants and get ready for the big day! Let’s hope the weather is favourable.

Look out for on-line booking information about Student Led Learning Conversations happening in week 8. Each session is for 30 minutes and there is room for four bookings per half hour time slot.

Friday 7th September is a school closure day. This day is granted to enable students to attend an event of local significance, in this case, The Royal Adelaide Show!’ If you are attending on a week day rather than the weekend please try to do so on Friday to avoid further disruptions to student learning. If it is unavoidable, please inform the school that your child will be absent from school for family reasons.

Kind regards,

Kate McS

August 31

Book Week!

Hello everyone!

Book week has arrived!! Find your treasure is an amazing theme! Me and my friend Silly Tiger are dressing up in a twin suit, our friend Extremely Cool is dressing up as Astrid from How to train your dragon, Electronic Reptile is dressing up as Harry Potter. The parade is going to be so much fun!! Comment what you dressed up as or what you treasure!

Thank you for visiting my blog!!

Obviously Brilliant xx

August 24

Book Week

Hello Everyone.

What a day it has been! Everyone dressed up and enjoyed the parade. Pirates and princesses, dwarfs and fairies! The Magic School Bus and Pirate Ship were highlights, along with the imagination conjured by The Light Jar! The costumes were amazing! Great effort everyone.

Here are some photos to be”treasured!’

Snow White and the 7 or 8 Dwarfs

August 18

Book Week – Find Your Treasure

Hello Everyone.

As you are no doubt aware next week is BOOK WEEK!

The theme this year is ‘Find Your Treasure’ which is very apt as that’s how I feel about books, literature and story-telling. I love the power of the written word and the delight that can be discovered in books of all kinds. Reading is not only an essential skill but a lifelong avenue to endless enjoyment, learning and wonder!

The talk-time topic for this fortnight is ‘My favourite book, author or series of books.’

We have author Phil Cummings visiting on Monday and the book week performance on Thursday. There are still outstanding permission and payment slips for this performance. If permission and payment are not received then those students will be placed in another class for the performance.

(Too often students tell me they didn’t get a note or they’ve lost it. Please talk with your child about a safe place to put these notes at home or attend to signing and payment immediately to avoid misplacing notes. I would greatly appreciate it as frequently following up on such notes takes away from learning time in class.)

The Book Week Dress-up Parade is on Friday and all students are encouraged to dress up as their favourite book character. Costumes can be worn all day on Friday as long as they don’t interfere with learning and activity. The parade is scheduled for 10.20am on the netball court and will transfer to the hall if the weather is inclement. (The JP parade will be rescheduled for 9.50 in the hall if the weather isn’t kind.)

This week we welcome Ms Alice Bigolin to our class full time for the next 5 weeks. As this is her final practicum she will be preparing and taking the bulk of the lessons during this time. She will be mentored by Renae and myself and we both have every confidence in her ability to deliver an exciting and challenging curriculum. Please introduce yourself and make her feel welcome when you visit the classroom.

Find your own treasure in a book this week!

Kate McS


August 16

Adventures for Week 4

Good evening Parents and Caregivers

We had a very productive day on Wednesday. The children are continuing to explore poetry and were able to let their creative juices flow, creating their own poems. Everyone was different and the children shared them with the class. Using the conventions we have looked at: rhythm, rhyme, word play, sound play, imagery, alliteration, repetition, metaphors & neologisms, the children’s homework task is to come up with an interesting poem, based on their choice. They will be sharing these with the class on Wednesday. I’m excited to see what the come up with! Keep your eyes out for their blog posts.

In maths, we are been learning how to use a protractor correctly to measure angles as well as complete a series of activities to enhance their learning. Some have completed lovely pieces of art with washi tape and measured the angles in the picture, others have posted on their blogs, information about angles using Explain Everything.  A homework task was sent home, a picture of a cake where the children have to identify the various angles within the picture.

In ICT’s we explored digital image representation, as used by a fax machine. The children were given codes (similar to computer language, binary) to create an image. The students were highly engaged and we are moving towards programming and decision making using computer language. I have set the children a challenge to come up with their own image and write the code for it.  I hope to see lots of participants.  Here is the link to print off a page for the children to create their own image.

Blank sheet-1xhzi1w

Regarding the Book Week parade, this is not tomorrow!  The launch of book week will be made at the whole school assembly tomorrow. The parade will be held next Friday where the children will get to see each other’s costumes.

I hope you have had a lovely week.


Renae Simmons

July 29

First week back

Welcome back to school.  I hope you all enjoyed some R&R.

This term I will have a focus on Poetry and creative writing, Angles and Time in Maths, and algorithms and branching in Digital Technologies.

The students have homework from our first poetry lesson, to come up with 5 of their own metaphors (not searched on the internet) and publish only 1 on an A4 piece of paper as a poster with illustrations. These will be shared with the class on Wednesday.

I hope you all have a lovely week.

Kind regards

Renae Simmons

July 22

Welcome Back for Term 3

Image result for welcome to term 3

Hello Everyone.

Welcome back for term 3. I hope you have all had a fabulous holiday and have kept warm one way or another. Holidays are a great time to recharge the batteries and replenish the soul for the busy term ahead. I have been able to relax, walk through our lovely hills, read, cook and garden, all the things that I enjoy in my time away from the classroom. I have also managed to organise the term ahead as we have many impacting factors to consider. I shall email the curriculum overview for the term soon but for now here are a few of the things which will shape our term.

  • Alice Bigolin, our pre-service teacher, will be visiting one day a week for the first 4 weeks and then taking responsibility for the teaching component for weeks 5 to 9. We met during the break to plan for her teaching and curriculum responsibilities. Renae and I will mentor and guide her throughout her time with us, but I know that Alice is well organised and excited to finalise her degree and begin her teaching career at the completion of this practicum.
  • We have the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Katia Ferrar, (my ‘STEM’ partner through CSIRO’s scientists in school program.) Dr Katia is a physiotherapist and lecturer at Uni SA. She will be leading us in a study of human body systems, nutrition and exercise. Next term we will have the opportunity to participate in a personal and individual action research project where we monitor our activity levels and fruit and vegetable intake to analyse our own diets.
  • In History Ms Francis and I will be combining classes to deliver year level specific topics in separate year level groups. I will be teaching the year four students about the first fleet and colonisation of Australia while Ms Francis will be teaching the year five students about significant events that shaped Australia.
  • In week 2 we have an incursion planned for Science. A planetarium will be set up in Langley Hall to assist in the teaching about Earth Sciences and the planets in our solar system.
  • Week 5 is Book Week…..Find Your Treasure.
  • In Week 8 we have ‘Student Led Learning Conversations’ and Sports Day.
  • As we are a ‘Sun Smart School’ hats are required to be worn from the first day of term 3.
  • The ‘Talk-time topic’ for the first fortnight is ‘My Holidays.’ It would be great to have some students prepared to share in the first week.
  • We will say farewell to our classmate Robintang, who is returning to Indonesia with his family at the end of week 1. We will miss you Robintang.
  • Monday is a pupil free day!

I look forward to a happy and productive term with this delightful bunch of students!

See you Tuesday class!

Kate McS

June 17

Week 8 and 9

Good evening Parents and Caregivers

Here is an update of the things we have been doing in class on Wednesday’s. We looked at creating the “perfect” cup on cordial, while practising using our measuring skills, reading measurements and pouring skills ( the latter is something we might need a bit more practice with!) The children thoroughly loved the challenge and were engaged with the task. Homework set from that lesson is a sheet looking at estimating measurements for volume and capacity around the home as well as choosing appropriate volume and capacity measurements for different items. If your child has lost their sheet, there are spares in the classroom.

We are also nearly finished our persuasive texts on ice cream being a better dessert that chocolate.

In ICTs, we are also working on completing our Choose your own Adventure digital stories.

Don’t  forget it’s Lighting up the Arts on Thursday night. Lots of practice sessions will be taking place throughout the week.

Also last Wednesday a note went home regarding an Arts Excursion to Pasadena High. This is free and doesn’t require payment, however permission to attend is still required. (See below for an example).

I hope you all have a fabulous week.

Kind regards


June 5

Week 6

Good afternoon parents and caregivers

This is a kind reminder for your children to please remember to bring in their Choose Your Own Adventure Planning Sheets tomorrow (Wednesday) to class as we will be going to the computer room to start work on these (lesson at 9:50am).

Also a follow up from last week, the students have been looking at measurements of volume and capacity.  Ask them what they know about the difference of these two terms!  They were given a homework challenge to complete by tomorrow. Attached is the problem again for those who have misplaced it. I have encouraged the children to use Diamond Paper, a multi-problem solving approach when solving word problems.  Please email me if you have any concerns,

Many thanks

Mrs Simmons

homework task on capacity-1znvxwi