April 8

Week 11 News

Hello Everyone.

It’s hard to believe that it’s the final week of term 1 already, yet here we are after what has proven to be another very busy term in room 20.

It was lovely to meet you at parent-teacher interviews over the last couple of weeks and again at our assembly presentation on Friday. I think the students did a wonderful job of sharing their learning and were brave and organised in their presentations.

This week we will be having Enterprise Day on Wednesday. As I don’t work on Wednesday and Ms Simmons is at SAPSASA, the class will be having a TRT to help organise the day. Mr Blight has offered to help our class with supervision and organisation and Ms Bigolin, our pre-service teacher,will also be on site to help out. All students have a rostered time on a stall and will be needed for set-up and clean-up afterwards. Reflection time in class after the stalls close is an essential component of the day and therefore all students are required to remain at school until the end of the school day. Thank you for your generous donations for our class stalls. Please bring the items you indicated to the class on Monday or Tuesday morning. If you didn’t return a donation slip but still wish to donate to our enterprise, we still require pears and more vanilla ice-cream. Thank-you again for supporting your child’s enterprise day.

On Thursday’s excursion to the Nature Education Centre and Urrbrae Wetlands students will need to wear covered shoes, a school hat and sunscreen. They will also need their recess, lunch and a water bottle. I will arrange to bring asthma and other medications we have for your child from the front office. On Friday following our excursion I plan to give a summative assessment of our science unit on adaptations which will hopefully include some of the learning from our excursion.

Over the school holidays rooms 20 and 21 will be getting new carpet laid. We will need to clear out all our furniture from the room on Friday. The corridor is likely to become cluttered over this week but I ask for patience and cooperation as the new carpet (and new furniture on order) will make our learning environment much more attractive.

Thank you for your friendly support and encouragement over this term. We have certainly been busy but I think the class is working as a friendly, cooperative and cohesive group.

Please remember that school finishes at 2.10pm on Friday.

Happy holidays.

Kate McS and Renae S

April 2

Week 10

Good evening Parents & Caregivers

I just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you.  I came into Room 20 in week 6, replacing Mr Blight who has returned to full leadership duties. I am very exciting to be working with Mrs McSkimming and the children in this class, many of whom I taught last year!  I will be in the classroom on Wednesdays and maybe the occasional Monday or Tuesday as a relief teacher.

I have been teaching at Colonel Light Gardens PS since 2015 in various year levels and specialist roles. I also have 2 children who attend the school.  This term, my focus has been on writing persuasive texts, looking at linear measurement, perimeter and area, as well as ICTs.  I was very fortunate to attend camp last Wednesday. It is such an amazing camp and the feedback I received from the students was all very positive about the learning that took place.  I hope to get some pictures up on the blog soon.

Due to me being in the classroom for 1 day per week, I will often set homework for the children to complete tasks to support the learning that has happened that day. I’m aware that most children will say no if asked if they have homework, however the likelihood is yes if it is a Wednesday night. Last week I asked the children to complete the Broken Ruler challenge. Any homework sent home by me is expected to be completed by the following Wednesday.

This week we are preparing for a whole school assembly which will be held on Friday at 12:20pm. I will be in the classroom Tuesday and Wednesday this week helping the class prepare.

Please also note that in Week 11 we have an early dismissal on Friday at 2:10pm.

Please feel free to come in and say hi if you are around tomorrow or Wednesday.  I do hope you had a very enjoyable and restful weekend.  If you need to contact me, my email address is: Renae.Simmons1@schools.sa.edu.au

Kind regards

Renae Simmons

March 17

Interview Error

Hello Parents.

I’m sorry to advise you that the school interview site currently shows that I am taking interviews on Wednesday 28th March. This is an error. Please do not book a time for a Wednesday interview.

As stated in my previous post, I will be available for interviews on Thursday 5th April instead. I will accept email bookings on a first booked basis!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kate McS

March 16

Week 8 News

Hello Everyone.

Interview bookings:

Please ask your child for the Parent-Teacher Interview Booking sheet that everyone received at the end of school today. Bookings open at 7 pm tonight and close at 3:30 pm  next Friday. I will also be sending home an additional booking sheet for Thursday 5th April, week 10. Interviews will be held in 15 minute time slots from 3;30 until 5;30pm. If you would prefer one of these times please email me, after 7pm tonight. I will allocate those times as they arrive in my email list. In fairness to everyone I am unable to accept bookings requested before 7pm tonight.


The students are getting very excited about camp on Wednesday. The bus will be at school at 9am ready for loading. Please make sure that if your child needs medication while on camp, they have it in a zip lock bag clearly labeled with their name, dosage and time of administration. All medications need to be given to Ms Simmons before boarding the bus.

I have suggested that children pack their bags over the weekend to ensure that they have everything they need without any panic on Tuesday evening. A list of requirements was sent home with the camp information earlier this term. Please also note that no food is to be brought to camp. The caterers are well aware of dietary needs of each individual and will cater for their needs exceptionally well. No lollies please.

 ICAS tests:

The school newsletter and blog contain the information and payment details for all the ICAS tests the school is running this year. Please make sure you visit this site, enroll your child in the tests you would like them to do and pay according to the instructions on line.

Have a great weekend.

Kate McS

March 6

Week 5 News

Hello Everyone.

We are excited to welcome Ms Simmons to our class. She will be teaching Room 20 students on Wednesdays to replace Mr Blight,who as Assistant Principal, is fulfilling other responsibilities in the school. He is still attending camp and will be around to help us in many areas of our learning. Ms Simmons is familiar with many of the current students in room 20, having taught some in previous years.

This week we have been writing narratives. Today I gave the class a list of things to include in their narrative. The list includes:

  • pencil, jackhammer, supervision, palace or mansion, tacky, the colour yellow, encourage, stew, personality, ipod and fish!

We have started writing and will continue on Thursday. Some students will be blogging their story for comment and feedback. Please take the time to comment in a positive manner if you read their story. All comments must pass through an administrator prior to the comment being published.

Please return all camp notes ASAP as we need to let Arbury Park know firm numbers and dietary requirements next week.

Please ring the school or write a note in your child’s diary if they are away or late for any reason. This is a legal requirement and following up on absences takes time from my teaching and learning day.

Finally, we are beginning to consider stalls we might run for Enterprise Day this year. It will be in week 11 of this term. If you have ideas or suggestions, or feel you can help in any way, please discuss it with your child or with me. Any ideas are worthy of consideration before we make any firm decisions.

Kind regards

Kate McS

February 22

Important Class News

Hello Everyone.

As a class we are all working hard to establish program routines, protocols and expectations. This is taking time but well explained, practiced and understood routines are essential for the efficient and smooth management of a busy classroom.

Together we have made our class code of conduct motto:

We are…..






Team Workers

Well Mannered




Young Learners

As you may notice it becomes an acrostic for ROOM TWENTY!

We have voted for our SRC representatives and for the first semester we have Mini and Samuel as our reps. For the second semester we have Emma and James S. Congratulation to everyone who applied for this important role with in the school.

Thank you also to all the parents who volunteered to help on camp. Taking into account the teachers and leadership personnel attending and the volunteering parents from all classes, it was decided that Neralie B, mother of Olivia, will be our parent helper from room 20.

Don’t forget to keep keep in mind that the camp is in week 8 and that final payments are due by Wednesday 14th March. More information will be coming home soon.

Kind regards

Kate McS

February 14

Week 3 – Wednesday

Hi all,

In order to begin setting up our student blogs today, we spoke about keeping our personal information, private. Therefore students were scratching their brain for a good pseudonym for their blog usernames. Maybe ask them tonight what they came up with?

The homework from me this week is to: Find Five Things….

Find five things at home that are taller than two metres:

Find five things at home that are about a centimetre in length:

Find five things at home that you could hide in a 2mm wide crack in the ground:

Students can write these down in a list, draw them or take some photos of them. They can estimate or measure or both. We will use it as a discussion starter for next week’s maths lesson on measurements. It will also give them a quick refresher of real life examples of these metric units. Each week I will give them a small task to be completed during the week, generally to lead in to an activity the following Wednesday. Today we were outside measuring a variety of items as an introduction to linear measurement.  We will be continuing with this next week.

Ashley 🙂

February 10

Welcome to Room 20 Blog for 2018.

Welcome to our class blog for 2018. This is the place where you will find information about upcoming events and class news for room 20 students and parents. Students will also be posting work on their own blog, linked to this site. To support this the digital technology user agreements need to be returned immediately.

The year has started extremely well and the class seem settled and ready for an exciting year ahead.

By now you will have received notes about Acquaintance Night on Tuesday evening, starting at 6pm sharp, in the library before returning upstairs to room 20. I hope to see you there. Our information booklet was sent home with your child on Friday.

Information about our camp in week 8 was also distributed last week. Please return the permission form as soon as possible.

Lastly, please subscribe to this blog. There is a link to the right of here where you simply click and enter your email address to subscribe. That way you will receive an email to let you know a new post has been entered and you can keep abreast of all that is going on in your child’s class.

Mr B and I are feeling very positive about the year ahead with this great class.

Kind regards


December 7

Concert Tonight

Hello Everyone,

Yes the concert is going ahead tonight. Please have your child report to me in the classroom between 6;05 and 6;15pm. They should be in costume.

Please provide your child with something to sit upon as the ground is wet from today’s rain. Maybe a warm jacket that can easily be removed prior to us going on stage is a good idea as well. No food is to be eaten by students in the audience.

Enjoy the show!

Kate McS

December 1

Week 8 News