November 6

Reminder for Wednesday’s lesson

Good evening Parents and Caregivers

This is a reminder for your children to remember to bring along their materials to create their scaled model of their chosen pencil holder in Design and Technology.

I will be out of the classroom tomorrow on a report writing day and Tash will be taking the class. I hope they all have a lovely day.

Kind regards

Mrs Simmons

November 2

Week 4 News

Hello Everyone.

We have had a magnificent week at swimming lessons. The students were well behaved and very responsible….not even 1 sock or pair of jocks left behind. (At this stage anyway!) The weather was amazing too.

Don’t forget that Monday is a Pupil Free Day. The staff are working on administrative and curriculum planning for the day.

Next week our passion writing is all about poetry. I hope your child is enjoying writing about their chosen topic. I will collect their work-in-progress for a progress report next Friday. Please encourage them to keep up to date with their writing, even if they have been absent for a day or so.

Those students who have brought their signed form back were given their pedometer today. These are quite expensive devices and I ask that you help them to keep them safe for the next 4 weeks. As soon as the signed form is returned I will give your child their pedometer so they too, can participate in our action research project.

I am also in the process of planning our ‘Party Day’ and ‘End of Year Incursion’ and I need to know if you are planning on being away at all in the final week of school for the year. Please let me know by the end of next week so I can plan accordingly.


Kate McS

October 31

Week 3 & 4 update

Good afternoon Parents & Caregivers

The children had a great day at swimming today, enjoying the warm weather. It will be even hotter tomorrow so please encourage your child to put on their sunscreen before school. We do have spare sunscreen if required.

Last week for Literacy, I read the children Alice in Wonderland. The children were then asked to complete a task, as we had a focus on the setting of this story. The children have been very enthusiastic with their weekly tasks. Some are completing a diorama, others a nature collage. Normally this task would have been due today, however due to swimming, I am granting them an extension to next Wednesday.

For Design & Technology, we are working through a design process leading to the children designing and printing a pencil/pen holder using the 3D printer. Please ask your child about this. Next week (on Wednesday) the children are asked to bring in some materials to make a scaled model of their design. This may include cardboard, blutak, Plasticine etc. We will also begin to look at the software which supports the 3d printing, called Makers Empire. I have set up log in codes which the children can use.

Happy Halloween!

Kind regards

Mrs Simmons

October 31

LUTA DVD for overnight loan

Hi Everyone.

Our class has been given 2 DVDs of this year’s LUTA performance. These are available for borrowing overnight. Please email me or write a note in your child’s diary, (don’t respond on the blog please) if you wish to borrow a copy overnight. It will need to be returned the very next day for others to borrow. Please indicate which night suits you best with regard to your other commitments and I will endeavour to have one available for you at that time.

Aren’t we lucky with the weather for swimming this week!

Kate McS

October 25

Swimming – Week 3

Hi Everyone.

As you are aware our class has swimming lessons next week at the Unley Outdoor Pool.

We will leave school at 10am and return at 12noon. Our lesson is from 10.30 and 11.30am.

Students may wear their bathers under their uniform to school in the morning. As we are using an outdoor facility, each child will need to wear a sun safe t-shirt or ‘rashie.’ Thongs are not necessary, or safe. Students simply slip out of their school clothes in the waiting area, place their gear in their swimming bag and then line up in their classes. Please ensure they have underwear in their swimming bag so they can change before returning to school. We spoke today about keeping safe in public places, especially change rooms. A teacher will be supervising in each change room but is unable to assist children to dress.

Please also provide your child with a plastic bag in which to put their wet bathers.

If you wish to come to the pool to watch your child in their lesson, please ask me for a ‘visitor’ badge which will allow you free entry to the pool for your child’s lesson.

The normal lesson schedule will be modified for week 3.

Kind regards,

Kate McS


October 23

Welcome back for the last term

Good evening Parents and Caregivers

I was fortunate to be in the classroom on Monday and was excited to present the students with their Bebras certificates. The computational thinking challenge was completed late last term. The children were successful in many areas and the challenge provide children of all learning abilities with a degree of success.

I particularly want to congratulate Olivia, Samuel, Will and Ishaan who earned themselves a distinction. Well done!

This term I have a focus on teaching Location and Transformation for Maths, Reader Responses in Literacy and 3D printing in Design and Technology.

As a follow up from last week, can you please remind your children that their 3x designs are due tomorrow along with board games created for our Literacy topic.

Kind regards

Mrs Simmons

September 26

End of term

Good afternoon Parents and Caregivers

Wow, we have had a busy term learning lots of great things including learning about digital technologies, time, measurement and poetry.

I wanted to share with you some of the amazing work the children have done with their poetry. This has been a term long unit of work where the children have built up their knowledge of poetic devices including neologisms, metaphors, onomatopoeias, writing free verse, following specific structures and exploring a range of genres. There skills have been developing over the term and the children are now beginning to really begin to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Enjoy the read!

I hope you all have a wonderful break and look forward to term 4.

Kind regards

Mrs Simmons

September 18


Congratulations 2018 student!

Today we have broken the previous shoelace skipping record by an amazing 51 jumps!

As a class we have shown team work, resilience, risk taking and organisation to reach an incredible total of 276 jumps, beating the previous high score of 225 set by room 20 students in 2015!

You may have heard our cheer as we reached a new class record. We will celebrate this high score but still continue to try to beat our own record by the end of the year! We are proud of our achievement today.

On another note, I’d like to remind you that Thursday is the final day Ms Bigolin will be with us. She has one more week at UniSA before she graduates as a fully qualified teacher. I’m sure you join me in wishing Alice a happy and restful break before she begins her career in education. We have loved having Alice Bigolin as part of our class, especially this term when she has been responsible for the bulk of the lessons and was able to help out with student led conversations and sports day. Good luck and best wishes for your future as a great teacher Ms. Bigolin.

August 31

Week 7 News

Hello Everyone.

Next fortnights talk-time topic is ‘SPORTS’ in the lead up to sports day on Friday of week 8. We have begun meeting in our sports house teams to rehearse chants and get ready for the big day! Let’s hope the weather is favourable.

Look out for on-line booking information about Student Led Learning Conversations happening in week 8. Each session is for 30 minutes and there is room for four bookings per half hour time slot.

Friday 7th September is a school closure day. This day is granted to enable students to attend an event of local significance, in this case, The Royal Adelaide Show!’ If you are attending on a week day rather than the weekend please try to do so on Friday to avoid further disruptions to student learning. If it is unavoidable, please inform the school that your child will be absent from school for family reasons.

Kind regards,

Kate McS

August 31

Book Week!

Hello everyone!

Book week has arrived!! Find your treasure is an amazing theme! Me and my friend Silly Tiger are dressing up in a twin suit, our friend Extremely Cool is dressing up as Astrid from How to train your dragon, Electronic Reptile is dressing up as Harry Potter. The parade is going to be so much fun!! Comment what you dressed up as or what you treasure!

Thank you for visiting my blog!!

Obviously Brilliant xx